saba sofa bed

Most conventional fold-out beds present all kinds of potential points of failure, often via complex mechanisms only a professional would be qualified to fix.

simple round sofa bed

This solution is about as simple and non-technical as it gets: two semi-circular couches that come together to make a single guest bed.

saba circular bed

Hiding in plain site, The Scoop! by Guido Rosati (for Saba Italia) hides in plain site, configured in whatever pattern fits your ordinary living room layout before it slides to form a well-rounded sleeping platform.

“Guido Rosati, originally from Abruzzi, moved to Rome in 1970. After studying architecture, he threw himself into the world of design experimenting with multi-purpose furniture design techniques in his studio in Rome. In the 1970s, 80s and 90s he made some very innovative lamps for Fontana Arte, at the same time he designed sofas for companies such as Giovannetti and Arflex, receiving prestigious accolades. In recent years he has worked with well-known companies in the field of the padded furniture designing transformable sofas. For Saba Italia he created Scoop! sofa bed.”

Bed and breakfast sofa bed
Transforming bed

Another cool sofa bed from Saba is the Bed and Breakfast:

“Bed & Breakfast is a sofa which becomes a comfortable bed simply by folding down the backrest. Turning the sofa into a bed is particularly easy because the base is rectangular and runs horizontally on a finger-jointed mechanism to create the extra length needed. The Bed & Breakfast range comprises three elements: the sofa/double bed and the chaise long/single bed which is completed by a pouf (fixed element). The materials used for seat and backrest cushions provide a surprising effect when we sit down because, despite its rather severe look, Bed & Breakfast is unexpectedly soft and springy, the result of advanced research into new-generation materials which give maximum comfort with optimum resilience. The maxi throw cushions can be used full-length as a small quilt. Once they are refolded and fastened with two wooden frogs, they provide excellent back support.”