Waiting is difficult for someone who likes to work hard and play hard – anything but sitting still on layovers or for delayed flights, trains or buses. Imagine having more than just some pay-as-you-go wi-fi to work with, or a plug-in terminal next to other travelers: your very own mobile modular office pod – the so-called Sleep Box – where you can access the internet, watch some television or even catch some sleep despite being surrounded by bustling pedestrians.

Beyond the basics – electricity for charging your gadgets, ambient and work lighting, ventilation and temperature control – there is a bed with self-changing sheets, desk-like fold-out work surfaces and limited (and coverable) windows so you do not feel trapped or confined in such a small space.

In short: all the modular furniture and decor you need to take a load off and either do something recreational or work-related is there if you wish it – the ultimate bedroom-and-office combo (already under construction in [where else?] Dubai).

With over a million people flying in the sky at any time and many more waiting below to hop a plane, there are millions (or more) lost hours spent waiting in airport lounges or sitting in seats at gates. For some that is surely fine, but for frequent flyers and folks who like to make the most of their time while traveling … well, these could add up to a huge change in productivity (as well as luxury) for the seriously travel savvy.