Alno ship kitchen

When is a kitchen island not an island? When it’s actually a sailboat! No? Not funny? OK, then we’ll skip the one about it being ‘shipshape’ too, and perhaps the one about its ‘streamlined’ shape as well. Honestly, though, it’s all right there, and corny puns are hard to avoid. (You secretly like them, don’t you?)

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Alno ship kitchen sailboat inspired

This series of designs called “Mare Cucina” from Alno embodies nautical sources of inspiration, seen most clearly in the island but also present in the supplementary cabinet sets that smoothly arc out from the walls and glide back into them. They’re not too literal, but the inspiration is undeniable. 

Alno kitchen wood island

The centerpiece island serves as a flagship, if you will, anchoring the design, while its curve encourage cooking and interacting activity around its edges, and participation in the middle – all hands on deck! If you’re someone who loves nautical things or the sea, perhaps the Mare Cucina collection is exactly what you never knew you needed. But here it is, and what else can you do now except drop some serious cash on a designer kitchen that looks like a sailboat? Resistance is futile.

Alno’s description, translated from German, leaves a little bit of their intentions mysterious with this one, so we’ll just leave you with their exact words.

Alno ship kitchen Mare Cucina

“The elegant shape of this unique kitchen pays homage to the maritime lifestyle. An association of what we meant is symbolic: each member of the team counts and one is home to a ship sailing at maximum speed.”

We have been developing steadily for over 90 years. Kitchens are our passion. Our highest quality demands, together with craftsmanship, produce a standard that does not compromise. Of course, we don’t lose sight of the attention to detail here. Researching new innovation opportunities is reflected in our products. ALNO produces high-quality kitchen dreams that are entirely individual.”