The perfect, clutter-free desks in design publications always make us wonder just how much work can be accomplished in such a pristine environment. Isn’t trying to keep that workspace clean a little distracting? Finally, though, there is a desk that inspires neatness in a most unusual and completely doable way. Designer Manuelsaez created the Slimdesk, a work station designed to hide all of your day-to-day work clutter.

Rather than situating the drawers in the leg space, the Slimdesk puts them under a movable cherry veneer desktop. The top slides back to reveal a surprising amount of storage space for all manner of office detritus.

The desk includes a power strip and USB ports beneath one of the three movable top panels. It seems that using any of these outlets would be a tad uncomfortable, though, as the desktop must stay in the moved-out open position to accommodate the cords.

For computers, monitors and other desktop electronics that will stay permanently plugged in to a nearby wall outlet, the designer has incorporated a rather elegant solution to reduce visual clutter. One of the desk’s hollow legs is dedicated to managing cords and keeping them neatly out of sight and out of mind.