cypress customizable indoor outdoor porch swing

Sitting outside on a warm day, lazily swinging on a porch swing with a book and a beverage, sounds kind of like paradise. Porch swings are pretty great on their own, but the SwingLab is seriously fantastic.

modular customizable porch swing

This new take on the classic porch swing lets you decide how you want to enjoy it. With removable backrests, you can change up the position in which you sit.

swinglab contemporary porch swing

Whether you want the side-by-side sweetheart sitting position or a face-to-face conversation arrangement, the SwingLab adjusts quickly and easily. Industrial steel cables suspend the swing and let it move freely.

As seen in the video, all it takes is a little tug on the movable seats – then slot them into one of the other positions on the swing for a totally customized seating arrangement.

swinglab modern porch swing

The contemporary minimalist styling is made even more appealing by the fact that the wood is rot-free Cypress. The splendid swing is made entirely in Jackson, Mississippi and is designed to last a lifetime. As a bonus, it’s beautiful enough that you can even hang it indoors.