Imagine a combination of modern, eye-catching luxury designs with the materials, details, and overall inspiration from one of the most well-known sports car brands in the world.

This is just part of what one can expect from the newest collab from Italian super brands Lamborghini and Zambaiti Parati. This is the second collaborative collection from the iconic pair (the first was released in January 2019), and this time they’ve created newer and even more amazing wallpaper designs that illustrate their teamwork and partnership in the best way possible.

Zambaiti Parati has long been known as a quality, high-end producer of wall coverings that wow, and Automobili Lamborghini’s sleek, fast car aesthetic is instantly recognizable, creating the overall feeling of peak automobile innovation. Who better to create a dynamic collection that’s both classic and modern, with a design aesthetic that, if not instantly recognizable, is at least instantly appealing?

Evoking a feeling of three-dimensionality, and with a depth that echoes the movement of a lightning-fast sports car, this most recent collection has taken the brands’ vision to the next level with stunning optics and warm tones like copper and natural green, in addition to more neutral grays that are anything but dull.

The relationship goes back to 2017, when Zambaiti Parati began their exploration of the distinctive Lamborghini look, drawing inspiration from the brand’s clean lines and uber-dynamic feel. Pairing closely with Lamborghini’s Centro Stile (the brand’s famous in-house design department), that collection successfully married Zambaiti Parati’s attention to detail and flair for immersive, almost tactile, designs with the luxury car manufacturer’s signature look, inspired by materials and even influenced by car parts. Centro Stile even scanned certain pieces to create more visually-impactful effects that saturate the collection, imbibing it with a depth that’s almost surreal. One’s eye is immediately captured and entranced by the sense of movement and texture as the wallpaper seems to breathe with a life of its own.

And this newest collection takes that effect to the next level. The thick wallpaper is solid yet fluid, functional yet luxurious. Its quality is meant to further reflect Lamborghini’s composite parts that focus on inventive, innovative precision with regard to both overall design and materials. This translates into textures that are almost industrial in their feel — fireproof and durable, easy to install and replace, yet delicate and deep, complicated and immersive in their appearance.

While the first collaboration was the backdrop for Automobili Lamborghini’s luxe lounges and prestigous presentations around the world, settings meant to appeal to a diverse clientele accustomed to the car manufacturer’s combination of class and dynamism, the new 2021 collection is aimed to appeal to a broader international market, and is suitable for both commercial and residential use.

With two iconic names that embrace the ethos and vision of “Made in Italy” – a concept that reflects and embodies singular Italian creativity and forward-thinking innovation – the 2021 collaboration from Lamborghini and Zambaiti Parati is a stunning and evocative take on the distinctive look of these iconic brands and their far-reaching, world-famous aesthetics.