Horizontal shower

You either sit in the bath or stand in the shower – that, at least, is the age-old paradigm this design seeks to overturn, or at least flip on its side, with a comfortable and therapeutic alternative. The German company Dornbracht has six programmable shower heads that deliver everything from a steady stream to an articulated water massage. Like a more conventional shower, drains in the floor discreetly carry off water that pours over the edge. But unlike a standard shower — or even most of those designed with accessibility in mind — “Horizontal Shower” lets you lay down to bathe.

Programmable shower

Unusual shower design

Accessible shower

Arrayed in a straight line and typically German in terms of its minimalist profile, this accessible futuristic shower design consists of a cantilevered overhead slap up high and a lower-down one on which to lay. Controls are placed right at hand for easy manipulation while you relax on your front, back or side.

“HORIZONTAL SHOWERATT provides, for the first time, a reclining shower experience. The application combines six WATER BARS, set above a reclining space, with an eTOOL acting as a main control element. Three pre-programmed choreographies allow selection of BALANCING, ENERGIZING or DE-STRESSING effects.”

The application combines six WATER BARS recessed above a reclining space. The water is gently sprayed on the back. The innovative eTOOL control panel offers the greatest operating comfort. All of the basic functions can be immediately accessed by pressing the appropriate button once. A ring of light around the appropriate button provides intuitive feedback when the flow rate and the temperature are changed, automatically adjusting the temperature to a comfortable level.”