Food storage options abound in any home supplies store, but some of them are true standouts. The EVAK Glass Food storage containers are a cleverly designed set of storage vessels with lids that squeeze every last bit of air out of the jars.

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Air is, of course, the enemy of fresh foods. That’s why you furiously try to squeeze those zipper bags as flat as they can go when you’re putting away the dinner leftovers. The minimal lids of the EVAK system do the same thing, but neater and without the danger of squishing the food inside.

The lids have incorporated air inlet and outlet valves. As you push a lid down into the container, all of the air is pushed out, sealing in the freshness. The top parts of the handles are plastic, but the bottoms are stainless steel so your food only ever touches glass and stainless steel.
There are no special mechanisms to work in order to operate the lids. No buttons, no levers, not even a complicated twisting motion. Just push down to seal and pull up to open. The jars come in two sizes: 6″ tall and 8.4″ tall.