Skylodge Adventure Suites clinging to the cliff

There’s no shortage of exotic accommodations in the world these days. You can stay in ice dwellings, underwater, in treehouses or, in the case of Skylodge Adventure Suites, high on a cliff above the heart of Peru’s mystic Sacred Valley, Cusco, in a totally transparent pod.

Skylodge Adventure Suites at night

Skylodge Adventure Suites consist of three see-through architectural marvels made of aerospace aluminum and water-resistant polycarbonate. They were inspired by condors’ nests, and are certainly not for the faint-of-heart.

Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru

This one-night stay requires zero climbing or mountain experience, according to Natura Vive adventure company. But…yes there’s a but, getting to your luxury stay involves a climb up the face of the cliff on a steel ladder (called the Via Ferrata or iron road), a horizontal trek across the rock wall on cables (albeit complete with harness, other safety gear, and an experienced guide), while your descent options include a rappel or zip lines or a combo of both. Your reward? Incredible views of the picturesque Sacred Valley 400 meters below, most likely a pretty decent adrenaline high and a stay in a plastic capsule near the stars.

The view from Skylodge Adventure Suites

One hanging pod fits eight adrenaline junkies. Two pods are available to guests. You are treated to a gourmet meal with wine, and, yes, there’s a toilet. Should you freak out, you can draw the curtains of your hanging lodge, but why would you ever want to?

Cliff dwellings: Skylodge Adventure Suites

For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call them in Cusco at 084-793-019 or 951-373-240. (All images via Natura Vive and Skylodge Adventure Suites)