This strangely central bed in an old London townhome occupies an interstitial space in an open-plan loft, hovering between floor and ceiling, connecting interior rooms and outdoor areas.

With images via JJLocations, the bedroom (if you can call a bed in the middle of a room such) has a view of most of the interior, but is also the platform from which the occupants can move via two staircases from the main flat to the bed then onto the spacious 500-square-foot rooftop deck above.

A sliding skylight separates the interior and exterior, providing a bright wake-up when left uncovered, but also a nice and easy way to step out into fresh air first thing in the morning if that is your inclination.

The steel frame structure supporting the bed blends with the black I-beams around it, becoming an extension of the existing structural supports both physically and visually. The result is a feeling that the bed was ‘pulled down’ from above to reveal a void leading back outside to the roof.