wall squatter art

Did you know that an estimated 1 billion people around the world survive and find shelter as squatters? These artists, however, may be the only ones to have turned a completely vertical exterior wall into a rather well-decorated and comfortable ‘home’ living space. Hanging out all day (every day) for months 33 feet high in the sky … it makes you wonder: do you still feel fear weeks later or do you simply adapt, as humans always seem to, to the new living conditions around you?

wall squatter art 2

Living, working, eating and sleeping along the side of an old building, these two brothers (Tiago & Gabriel Primo) occupied a surface only climbable (like a smooth stone cliff face) through rock-climbing techniques. Fortunately for the artistic duo, this involved actual harnesses and other safety gear to keep them from slipping off the sheer wall surface while snoozing. Still, imagine trying to permit this kind of guerrilla art action in the United States.

wall squatter art 3

Hammocks, dressers, mirrors, beds and all of the other functional and decorative objects you might expect to find in a cheap flat were hung from a wall. The effect is surreal and the statement profound: it is a kind of literal revelation – like pinning open insect specimens to a book – illustrating the (largely hidden) actual lifestyles of so many people all over the planet. Aside from the exposure to wind and weather, consider the extreme public nature of such an experience. Incredible.