Regular flat-pack wood folding chairs are fine for short distances, but carrying one with you to the park to watch fireworks for a few hours or on a camping trip can be a bit of a pain in the, well, you know. ‘Chairless’ is a solution so simple it takes the mind a moment to grasp just how clever it is in its minimalism.

So wait, the design is … a strap? Is it a seatless chair or a chairless seat? There is a no seat surface and there are no chair legs, so perhaps it is both – or neither. This simply perplexing idea takes advantage of the natural outward forces of your body trying to unwind, and uses them to create a stable seating structure out of a single loop you wrap around yourself. It reminds one a bit of a belt-and-buckle set, or perhaps a car seatbelt, and is not really that much different in shape or size.

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There is not much to this design by architect and industrial designers Alejandro Aravena, but by being simple it saves on money and materials – not to mention being able to fold into a unit small enough to stick in your pocket. And believe it or not this is nothing new: a similar technique has been employed by nomadic tribes since time out of mind – but perhaps now its contemporary counterpart will catch on in the modern world as well, funds from which are in turn to be sent to a charity foundation for the indigenous people who are the true source of the design.