A home cinema set-up can be a simple case of a projector coupled with a projector screen; just fiddle around with the lighting a bit, settle down and watch. However, there’s so much artistry, gizmo wizardry and full-on 30’s style glamour you can utilize in setting up a home-grown version of the movies in your basement or dedicated space that it seems a shame not to have fun and really go for it — though admittedly, at a price.

home theater space

drop down projector

Movie on Drop Down Projector

At UK-based home cinema providers Pure Theatre (see pictures above), simplicity is the key. As long as you have enough room to sit back and watch the (relatively) big screen without staring up the hero’s nose, you can have a cinema room complete with all the necessary paraphernalia to create your visually exciting domestic movie experience. However, simplicity does not eliminate flexibility. Your screen may be fixed-frame, pull up/down or motorized, and it can come in various shapes and sizes. You may even choose to invest in a super sophisticated sound system or elect for a “drop down” hidden projector.

vintage style cinema decor

vintage cinema decor

After choosing how complex your home cinema AV equipment will be, you must also decide what to house it in. Custom-built in a luxury London home, this Cyberhomes Vintage Home Cinema project won the CEDIA Award for ‘A Home Cinema Costing Over £100,000’ in 2016. A sophisticated Savant control system enables you to dim the lights, open and close the swish curtains around the screen (and the bar!) and to stop/start the movie. 1930s style Hollywood glamour brought straight to your home is not to be sniffed at, and you may never want to trek out to the movies again:

vintage cinema lighting

movies and bar

”Cyberhomes built our home cinema to the most advanced possible spec. The 4K ultra HD (UHD) picture and 3D sound combination is truly spectacular — better than the real cinema experience,” said the London-based homeowner of the Cyberhomes Vintage Home Cinema.

vintage style seating

vintage theater seating

When you’re satisfied you’ve got the best home movie set up your budget can buy, you may want to invest in the best of home cinema seating. At US-based Elite Home Theater Seating — or Elite HTS — they pride themselves in creating superior seating for any client.

”Whether our client is a famous Celebrity, Professional Athlete, or a Home Theater Aficionado, we must adhere to the highest levels of quality, customer service and confidentiality. We will be the first to admit we may over-engineer our product, and our construction methods may be a bit overkill. However, this strategy gives us the peace of mind that we will most likely not have to service any theater chair once it leaves our facility.”

white leather movie seating

red leather seat

Elite always applies their “Diamond” four-system standard to every chair — Comfort, Craftsmanship, Customization and Customer Service — and they will incorporate such upgrades (or luxury necessities?) as 24k gold cup holders, exotic wood materials, custom embroidery or engraving and high-end leathers/fabrics upon request. Infinitely customizable, plush and well made, you can rest-assured that while these chairs are a luxury investment, they will be exactly what you want. However, before you do buy, you can try out Elite’s “unique 3D Layout Design Services” to pre-visualize your seating from various angles and in various spaces, even your basement at home.

home theater

Once upon a time, in the 1980s, people stopped going to the cinema, preferring to take advantage of the home video revolution. Though movie-going has picked up again with the advent of such innovations as multi-screen complexes, IMAX screens and 3D movies, homebodies may once again prefer to stay indoors with the deluxe home cinema experience these companies can offer.