Edible cookie cup for Lavazza close up

A nice cup of coffee in the morning is one of those simple pleasures that sets the mood for the entire day. The Cookie Cup from Italian company Lavazza makes that simple pleasure even better by eliminating the need to wash dishes after the java is gone.

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Edible cookie cup for Lavazza

The edible cookie cup for coffee is made of a light (but sturdy) pastry and lined with sugar to make it waterproof. The sugar dissolves slightly to sweeten the coffee as you drink it.

Edible cookie cup for Lavazza crunchy'

The tasty cup is softened a bit by the time you finish your coffee and melts in your mouth as you munch it. As anyone who has dipped cookies in coffee knows, the two tastes combine divinely. If there is anything that can top the elimination of some dirty dishes, it’s a yummy snack to go along with some delicious coffee.

This kind of design is way overdue for all kinds of foods, and it just makes sense. Why don’t we have more products that are akin to ice cream cones, incorporating the packaging into the food? We’d save a huge amount of plastic.

Edible cookie cup for coffee

“CookieCup is another good example of Strategic Design made for Lavazza, consists of pastry covered with a special icing sugar that works as an insulator, making the cup waterproof and sweetening the coffee at the same time. Pioneering in the Food Design movement, Cookie Cup has collected many awards in Ecology, Marketing, Business Strategy and Design sectors.”

This edible cookie coffee cup was designed for Lavazza, the iconic Italian coffee brand, by SARDI Strategic Design. 

About SARDI: “SARDI® It is the Strategic Design company founded by Enrique Luis Sardi created to improve manufacturing environments and the ergonomic conditions of workers. Highly esteemed by the operators for their ergonomic and functional improvements to their daily work. We’re a leading global design consulting company providing strategic advisories and monitoring industrial leaders to shape their business visions into extraordinary products.”