sandpaper toilet paper

Accidentally scraping your hand or fingernails across sandpaper is kind of a shudder-inducing experience. That’s why these tiny sandpaper sculptures from artist and designer Mandy Smith are so uncomfortable-looking but lovely.

mandy smith sandpaper bed

sandpaper bikini

Smith bends and folds sandpaper to her will, eventually ending up with stunningly realistic miniature versions of real-world items. She worked with photographer Bruno Drummond to bring this series to life.

sandpaper bike

When made of the scratchy paper, the everyday objects take on a slightly sinister tone. Just imagining the use of the sand-toilet-paper or the sandpaper bikini is enough to make anyone a bit uneasy.

sandpaper shoes

sandpaper slide

Despite their menacing appearances, Smith injected a fair bit of humor into the project. The absurdity of a sandpaper slide is well balanced by the skill and technique involved in creating the sculpture.