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This interior redesign begins and ends in a wood ribbon, and is a case of quite literally ‘tying the interior together’ in a single unique gesture.

Created by KHBT (images by Johannes Marburg) and set in London, this lovely flat is modest and minimalist in almost every way – simple white surfaces from floor to wall to ceiling, and toned-down details … except for one wonderfully-warm stretch of wood that winds throughout.

It starts (or ends, depending on your perspective) as the sides and surface of the kitchen counter, then snakes through the hall and finally connects to the bathtub at the other end.

This use of walnut reflects their desire to “create a precious element, using a timber that refers to the traditionally and luxuriously fitted flats in the surrounding area of Mayfair.” It also plays off of the potentially-awkward, higher-level entry from which occupants and visitors have to step down to access main areas.