single serving wine glass

We drink beer from bottles, but even with a small single-serving wine bottle there is always a glass – so why not combine the two in to one and save everyone some hassle? These plastic glasses might not go over well at a formal dinner party, but for a toast-on-the-go or quick picnic they could just be the perfect table(-free)wares.

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wine to go idea

One inventor did just that, and then founded Wine Innovations around the concept. Though his yogurt-style, peel-off lid initially did not go over well with potential investors it ultimately has led to booming sales in Great Britain.

From The Daily Mail:

“Mr Nash first took the idea to BBC’s Dragons Den last year only for it to be rejected out of hand. He asked the Dragons – Peter Jones, Theo Paphitis, Duncan Bannatyne, James Caan and Deborah Meaden – for £250,000 for a 25per cent stake in his business, Wine Innovations Ltd.”

“However, they gave him a torrid grilling and bowed out because they were unconvinced anyone would be interested. Duncan Bannatyne was particularly dismissive, saying: ‘People don’t want to buy wine in plastic glasses like that with a seal on top. For that reason, I’m out.'”

The investors were proven wrong when these products began to fly off the shelves, as mentioned by the spokesperson for chain store M&S.

“‘We think that they are proving popular with people who want to perhaps enjoy the summer with a glass of wine in the park as part of an impromptu picnic – either after work or for a relaxing lunch. They are also popular with commuters who want to enjoy a drink on the train home from work to wind down. We have found that they are very popular in locations popular with tourists.'”

takeout wine glass invention

Think about it: sports games, large celebrations, all without the worry of broken glass underfoot and with the easy-carry advantage of walking around with non-spill, pre-filled glasses of wine. Hopefully they can do not just red and white but sparkling wines as well, since these would be ideal for something like a sizable New Years Eve event.

 no spill portable wine glass

Whether this one-use disposable partyware is a step in the right direction in terms of sustainability is another question. Still, the units can be recycled, and surely it is at least a better design than handing out both miniature bottles and plastic cups (as they do on airplanes, etc…) for wine.