Since1984 design

Created by Dopamine Design LLC co-founder Serena Zanello, Since1984 is a unique collection of modular furniture inspired by the vintage “Tetris” video game, which was first released in (you guessed it) 1984. This interactive concept stemmed from Zanello’s desire to make fun, easy-to-use pieces that could be used in both in and outdoor spaces. Setting a high standard of quality for themselves, the Since1984 team also worked hard to ensure that their product was adaptable, accessible, sustainable, innovative, and functional.

Since1984 creative table

The collection’s seven unique furniture pieces can be interlocked, pushed together, and pulled apart — just like Tetris cubes. Since they can easily be arranged and rearranged to meet your individual needs, you’ll be able to use these modules in a number of different contexts. Stack up the box tables to form a lightweight bookshelf, or lay them next to one another for a truly unique coffee table. Earlier this year, Since1984 took home the “Home Interior Products” prize at the European Product Design Awards.

Since1984 collection from above

Where to Use Since1984

This furniture set is ideal for small living spaces, but its minimalist aesthetic and industrial feel would also work well in showroom, store, office, and classroom environments. In professional settings like these, the Since1984 modules could be used to make up the tables and the seating! If you really felt like getting creative, you could rearrange them every day to add some excitement to your decor. The whole point of Since1984 is to encourage adult play, so feel free to let your inner child run wild with the pieces.

Since1984 table in a corner

All of Since1984’s products are made from a light-toned apple plywood, meaning you’ll have no problem painting them the color of your choice. Why not make yours even more playful by adorning it with some intricate murals, grungy magazine and newspaper clippings, or cozy upholstery for sitting? Using just three Since1984 pieces, you’ll be able to create over 20 different furniture combinations. With all seven, you can make over 100. No matter what you decide to build with these boxes, make sure you have fun with it!

Since1984 wooden furniture storage set

Serena Zanello

Italian-born Serena Zanello is the creative mind behind the Since1984 collection. In 2003, Zanello received a bachelor’s degree in architecture. Since then, she’s handled countless projects in the fields of product design and branding, collaborating with a slew of fellow artists and architects over the years. Zanello currently works in San Francisco as a consultant for her own brand, Dopamine Design LLC, which focuses on brand strategy and interior, product, and furniture design. On her newest collection, she says, “I created Since1984 to inspire people’s creativity. My dream is to keep creating new, fun, and affordable designs!”

Since1984 - Serena Zanello

You can support Zanello and her groundbreaking project by checking out the Since1984 Kickstarter page after July 17th (the campaign’s launch date) and making a donation to help put the furniture into production. If the initial pieces are successful, Zanello plans to expand the collection to include colored blocks, too, so be on the lookout for any future announcements!

All photos by Nicholas Albrecht