little twist

When you use traditional faucets, you typically end up touching the handles with dirty hands, and then touching them again with wet hands to turn them off. And usually, this means either wiping the handles down or leaving water on them, which can ruin the finish of some fixtures.

the problem

Designer Sarang Sheth came up with an elegant solution that doesn’t involve the irritating fussiness of no-touch faucets. Little Twist is a faucet with a handle that comes straight down from the middle of it, automatically cleaning the handle every time you use it.

self-cleaning faucet handle

The handle looks just like a little spout of water, immediately giving away its function even to people who have never used it before. A simple pull and a twist starts the water flowing.

little twist function

The water flows through an aerator so that it goes straight down and doesn’t spray out to the sides. The handle itself it ceramic so it doesn’t accumulate hard water stains the way stainless steel handles do.

little twist simplified faucet

Although the Little Twist is a student project, Sheth hopes to see it put into production someday. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the Little Twist is a simple improvement over the traditional handle-equipped faucets or the incessantly frustrating automatic touch-free ones.