dystopian brutalist outerwear

If or when the end of the world comes and humans are forced to adapt to an entirely new environment, we’ll also need to adapt our clothing to protect us from whatever unknown dangers await us. Dutch designer Martijn Van Strien‘s Brutalist Outerwear may give us a glimpse into the future of human outerwear.

post apocalyptic outerwear

The pieces are each created from a single piece of black tarpaulin, using only straight cuts and sealed seams to make them simple to manufacture.

After civilization falls and human society declines sharply, according to Van Strien, the remaining people will need a sturdy outer covering to protect them from the harsh conditions of a completely changed planet.

martin van strein brutalist outerwear

The heavy black tarpaulin is inexpensive and easy to transform into the outerwear Van Strien has envisioned. That isn’t to say that there is no style in these utilitarian garments, however. The pieces were inspired by Brutalist architecture and its sharp corners, heavy lines and general feeling of visual weight.