shopping bag holding table

At some point in the past, we realized just how disgusting it was to set handbags down on floors wherever we go and then keep them on the table while eating at a restaurant. Handbag hangers soon became a common sight in restaurants. Somehow, no one has yet addressed the sanitary or safety issues involved with setting shopping bags down on the ground as you eat or enjoy a short break from your day.

A team of designers realized the need for a better table design – and hence the HangOut table was created. The concept and execution are quite simple: a small cutout in the table’s surface gives you a place to hang your shopping bags as well as your handbag or laptop bag.

hangout table


The design keeps your bags off of the ground so they don’t get dirty, but more importantly it can help keep you from being robbed. Placing bags beneath a table in a public place is common practice for many women, but it’s certainly not safe. The HangOut table keeps bags directly at hand and in your line of sight – and best of all, it shouldn’t cost any more to produce than a standard table.