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The cost of heating homes in cold weather can be too much for some households to handle. This ingenious little space heater can heat your home for just ten cents a day and uses no electricity.

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Instead, it uses four candles and a cleverly-constructed heat disbursement system. There are just four pieces to the Egloo heater: a base, a grill, an inner dome, and an outer dome. Four candles go between the base and the grill.

egloo ceramic heater

When you light up the candles, the Egloo takes five minutes to reach the right temperature. The candles make the thinner inner dome quite hot. That heat is transferred to the cooler terra cotta outer dome, which never gets hot enough to make it dangerous to touch.

egloo ceramic heater candles

The space between the Egloo’s components facilitate thermal exchange in the room by taking in cooler air and releasing warmer air. In thirty minutes the temperature in an average sized room will go up two to three degrees – and all from the power of just four candles. The Egloo is raising funds on IndieGoGo for a commercial release. You can snag one of the early editions for a pledge of $55 to $110.

“There’s a base, a steel plate, a grill and two nested domes. It only involves the positioning of wooden wicks, wax, water and essential oil in the plate on the base. Finally, you just need to light the wicks and mount the grill and domes. It’s a simple setup that takes a couple of minutes to complete. Once lit, the unit takes about 5 minutes to get things heated up. Each candle lasts about five hours.”

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“Egloo comes complete with a specially designed candle made from high-quality natural wax, which when combined with their laser cut cherry wood wicks and their innovative terracotta construction, allows this aesthetically pleasing piece of decor to quickly absorb, retain, and then gradually release heat into the surrounding area.”