Eating meals outdoors is one of the simple pleasures of summer. But it is also one of the biggest annoyances when your carefully-set table falls victim to a rogue gust of wind. The Bye Bye Wind table from designer Marco Marotto takes a unique approach to keeping plates and cups on an outdoor dining table.

The table and chairs are a casual patio set for four people that features indentations for plates, cups, silverware, condiments and tools. The indents allow your outdoor meal to sit below the surface of the table so that it stays put even when the wind flares up and threatens to blow everything onto the ground.

Even the chairs feature small pockets on the back to keep your books, music, toys and whatever else you need comfortably at hand. At each of the table’s four corners, a small pocket can act as a bowl, a condiment holder, or even an herb planter.

One of the oddest elements of the Bye Bye Wind (other than its name) is the bottle crusher right in the center of the table. Apparently, the empty two-liter soda bottles really pile up during outdoor meals and this is the justification for the table-embedded bottle smasher.