balkonzept space saving balcony furniture

Studying, working, or just sitting around inside can get pretty boring and stifling. Moving out onto a balcony can provide some relief, and that’s why designer Michael Hilgers created the Balcony Table. His little plastic stand hooks over the railing of a balcony to provide a handy outdoor space.

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balkonzept balcony railing table

The table/desk lets you do all kinds of things outside that you would normally confine to indoors. Take your laptop out to the balcony and finish that report you’ve been working on, or use it as a table to hold your drinks while you enjoy the sunset.

balkonzept railing table hooks on

The small space-saving balcony table comes with a space at the back that can be used as a planter, letting you grow lovely flowers or tasty herbs right on your portable balcony working and relaxing space.

balkonzept michael hilgers

Of course, you could always simply put a small table on your balcony to hold your desk or drinks. But the balcony table takes up no floor space at all, giving you more balcony space to stretch out and enjoy your little corner of the great outdoors.

“BalKonzept : The new furnishing concept for small balconies: balKonzept is a small balcony table with an integrated flower box: the table / storage space is simply hung on the balcony railing; The raised side surfaces offer protection from the wind.  Instead of potting soil and geraniums, the container naturally also holds ice cubes and soft drinks … The new furnishing concept for small balconies: The table / shelf combo with integrated flowerbox is simply hooked onto the balcony railing. BalKonzept  is perfect for your balcony-party: Just replace the plants by ice cubes and some champagne …”

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The design methodology of ‘ pragmatic design ‘ developed by Hilgers focuses on the (space) problem to be solved: With this design principle, the trained carpenter deliberately ignores conventional comparative products that are already available and thus quasi develops a new, individually fitting and above all practical solution on a white sheet of paper. The resulting product appears familiar at first glance, but offers an innovative answer to everyday living problems through its reinterpretation, hidden functions or an amazingly simple construction.”