kabinett apartment paris

A former manufacturing workshop in Paris has shed its industrial skin to become a modern, elegant family living space. At just 85 square meters, the architects at Septembre had to work especially hard to fit in everything a family needs without making the space feel cluttered or cramped.

glass walls and windows paris small space apartment

They achieved this partially by keeping the color scheme monochromatic. White walls, chrome fixtures and plenty of windows make the space appear larger than it actually is.

black kitchen small space apartment in paris

dark highlights paris apartment

Black highlights (or should that be lowlights?) add a touch of sophistication in the kitchen, library and bathroom zones.

built in storage seating workspace kabinett apartment paris


Built-in wooden cabinetry lines the apartment walls. The cabinets provide storage, seating, and a work area without taking up any floor space. This is undoubtedly the reason the architects decided to call this apartment Kabinett.

storage lined hallway paris kabinett apartment

Storage abounds in other areas of the home, as well. Tall cabinets line the walls of the hallway leading to the gorgeous white-tiled bathroom. Cabinets continue into the two bedrooms, making the most use possible out of the rather small floor plan.

black and white bathroom

bathroom window kabinett apartment

For a small family, this space provides all of the functions that are necessary for day-to-day city living. And being in Paris, it also happens to be magnificently stylish.