A clean and simple series of modular furniture elements avoids all of the bright colors and fuss of typical children’s bedroom sets, offering everything kids need from early childhood through the teenage years. A framework of sleek blond wood pulls together everything from wall-mounted storage to a bed frame that doubles as a playhouse.

SPOT by Polish designer Wiktoria Lenart is a space-saving furniture set that acts as a neutral base onto which kids can project their personalities as they grow.

Twin beds are lofted over shelves, drawer systems, sliding compartments, closets and other storage areas packed with plenty of space for kids’ many possessions. Matching pieces for the rest of the room include wardrobes, dressers and small side tables on casters.

The tipi-style frames that fit over the desks and the daybed can be used for functional purposes or for play. Slide it off the bed base, and it becomes the perfect basis for a fort or tent. Felt pockets and other accessories can be hung from the top bar.

About the designer and her firm:

“In the Wiktoria Lenart design studio, we strive for making products whose form follows function, not the other way round. We avoid claptrap, we enjoy the real impact. We value simplicity. We believe in innovation, regardless of whether it arises as a result of a revolution or through harmonious evolution. Being open is our superpower – being open to people and to design methods.”

“The leader, Wiktoria, selects competent colleagues for each project. She brings together the interdisciplinary team of people from different worlds: freelancers, scientists, specialists – extremely talented enthusiasts, interesting and creative individuals. This team always knows which research methods and design tools to choose in order to create the best product possible. We create objects based on our experience and constantly expanded knowledge and passion for forms, materials and technologies. We do what we love and we are best at it.”