People who camp are fully aware of the highs and lows of sleeping (and living) outdoors. For every spectacular sunset you marvel at from the campfire, there’s an early sunrise that shines straight through your tent and wakes you up. Then there’s the temperature issue — any seasoned camper will tell you how stuffy it can get in a tent overnight. And let’s not even mention rain.

Siesta4 - Outback Logic

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Cue the Siesta4, a cool (literally) new tent that’s bringing comfort to campers everywhere.

Entrepreneurs from Australia, America, and England pooled their collective experience and passion for the outdoors in the form of Outback Logic, a company that would go on to partner with the top names in fabric, tent, and specialist coating design to develop the Siesta4, a one-of-a-kind heat-reflective, light-blocking tent. The four-person tent is capable of keeping out all the elements, including sand, dirt, sun, wind, and rain.

Siesta4 - Specs

Gareth Price is the innovator behind the Siesta4, which Outback Logic says is made from “specially developed lightweight, durable, waterproof fly fabric that reflects infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light. Compared to typical nylon and polyester tents, the Siesta4 is dramatically cooler and darker inside when in direct sun.” The company says you’ll get plenty of sleep and wake up naturally in the Siesta4, rather than being woken up when the sun blasts in your face early in the morning.

Siesta4 - Heat Resistance

The Siesta4 is made of a breathable polyester fabric, weighing in at just under 18 pounds and boasting 64 square feet of interior space and two vestibule areas for a total footprint of 96 square feet. The roof is five feet high at its peak, and the tent features two doors for easy access and ventilation. Set-up is easy, the designers swear. There are only four aluminum poles to assemble, and since you can store the Siesta4 with the inner tent clipped in, it’s a breeze to put up and put away. Just stake out the corners, and you’re all set.

Now, how do you stay cool and dry inside?

“Our unique design allows extra airflow between the fly and inner tent to keep you cooler in the sun and to help prevent condensation in cold weather,” the company explains.

Plus, the fly completely shades the inner tent. We personally love the fact that you can keep the Siesta4’s doors closed for privacy yet still have good airflow throughout the interior. Mesh vents in the tent’s walls and roof (with covers, of course) promote cross-ventilation, and you can adjust the door openings however you like to achieve the best circulation.

Siesta4 - Interior

Then there are the optional fans. Yes, fans. Ultra-quiet 8-inch USB fans provide good airflow even when the tent’s doors are fully closed. They do this via a clever fabric duct that connects the inner tent wall to the fly.

As people who’ve experienced soggy nights camping in thunderstorms, we wanted to know how the Siesta4 would fare in bad weather. “The full-length fly and closable mesh give excellent protection when the weather turns nasty,” the company says. “It gives far better protection, in fact, than a three-season tent. We’ll even go so far as to claim the Siesta4 is the most versatile tent ever made!”

Siesta4 - Outback Logic

The Siesta4 sold out of a summer run earlier this year, though pre-orders are currently being taken for the next batch.