SieMatic URBAN kitchen

The dream kitchen-diner ideally looks neither like a kitchen nor a dining room. To effectively fit out a multi-purpose living area that can incorporate a kitchen without it seeming intrusive is some skill. SieMatic goes further – and turns a kitchen unit into a thing of domestic beauty.

SieMatic URBAN kitchen unit

Everything-in-one, including the kitchen sink.

A cooker top and kitchen sink snugly reside in this cutting-edge urban showcase. When you don’t have a lot of space and you need to utilize one room for cooking, for eating, for working in, for watching TV… well these units take (and also make) the cake.

SieMatic URBAN oven and storage

Kitchen crockery and utensils sit happily next to piles of books and potted plants.

This is luxury loft living that is functional, pared back and also gorgeous. Standalone and compact, striking yet unobtrusive, SieMatic presents ideal kitchen design for modern living. This minimalist aesthetic has been characteristic of the company since it was set up in Westphalia, Germany in 1929. It now has showrooms around the world.

SieMatic URBAN kitchens

All I want is a room somewhere!

OK we can’t all live like this? This is designer living at large, but wouldn’t it be lovely?

It has to be said:  wow! These units can fit happily into one-room living, and they can look just as fabulous in a large (and fabulous) space. This kitchen incorporates a mini-garden of living greenery, so you can snip your herbs, cook your food, sit down, eat and enjoy. Ab Fab, dahling.

URBAN SieMatic Kitchen Systems

Tall kitchen units go as high as you’d like – just add a ladder.

The SieMatic MultiMatic system is configured for urban living – when rooms are often multi-functional, space can be at a premium. According to the SieMatic site:

“Nowhere is space more valuable than in kitchen cabinets. All our cabinets offer more: MultiMatic, a highly flexible interior design system that can be configured, changed and expanded as needed. It allows for an individual arrangement of the interior and a practical arrangement of your things. And so you gain space.”

URBAN SieMatic sink and cooker units