sun protection cumulus parasol

When someone says that you walk around with a cloud over your head, it typically isn’t a compliment. But having a cloud – or other shade-throwing device – over your head can actually protect you from the sun’s harsh rays.

inflating cumulus cloud parasol

The Cumulus Parasol from Studio Toer is a solar-powered solar protector. It is an inflatable cloud equipped with an internal fan to inflate it when the sun is out.

solar powered cumulus parasol

With a diameter of two meters (about 6.5 feet), the parasol is big enough to protect several people sitting at a patio table. When the sun comes out, the solar panel at the top catches the power and activates the fan to inflate the parasol, which takes about 20 seconds.

deflated cumulus parasol

When the sun goes down, or when real clouds cover it, the parasol automatically deflates. You can also turn it off manually via a switch on the pole.

Thanks to its lightweight design and aerodynamic shape, the Cumulus Parasol stays put even when it’s windy. To put a cloud over your own head will cost you €465 (about $610 US).