As the Ukrainian people continue to fight off the brutal Russian invasion, many of us are wondering what we can do to support those whose lives are being so violently upended. International aid organizations are always a good place to start, but there are other less conventional methods to aid the Ukrainian cause as well, including conscientious home decor choices.

Here are a few creative ways to your support for the struggling nation inside your own home:

Furniture from Emko

Lithuanian-based furniture and décor company Emko is donating three percent of every purchase to the Blue/Yellow support organization that supplies aid packets to schools, families, and the elderly in Ukrainian war zones. Buying their stackable Citizen Dining Chair could be a good way to show love to Ukraine and the world around it. Its sturdy oak frame is crafted from natural, sustainable materials.

A Mug from Ceramic Tableware

Ukrainian craftsman David, who lives in a rural area near Kyiv, learned the art of pottery making from his grandfather. His handmade mugs, bowls, and containers are made with traditional Ukrainian ceramic techniques, including the use of milk to fill in holes during the glazing process. Each piece takes the artist roughly a day to complete. His rustic mug would be a beautiful addition to your morning routine while simultaneously keeping food on the table of a Ukrainian artisan.

“Choose Love” Prints and Rugs from The Beaux Shop

This London-based antiques and rug dealer collaborated with blogger Lucy Williams to offer a curated collection of fine art works and special rugs to benefit the Ukrainian Red Cross. 20 percent of the profits from sales within the “Choose Love” set will go to providing safe shelter and food to Ukrainian refugees.

Ukraine Candle from the Door County Candle Company

Christiana (Gorchynsky) Trapani is a native born Ukrainian and owner of the successful Door County Candle Company. Although raised in the United States, Trapani has strong ties to friends and family still living in the besieged country. She has created a blue and yellow vanilla candle for purchase, with 100 percentof the profits being donated to Razom for Ukraine, a nonprofit providing food and medical supplies to the war-ravaged residents. Says Trapani, “This special Ukraine candle is a way I feel we can make a difference and help those in need.”

Floral Stitchwork from EmbroideryArtbyNat

Created by Esty seller Natalia from Lviv, Ukraine, these beautifully bold floral artworks are masterfully hand-stitched. She also offers embroidery patterns and tutorials on her Etsy shop. Etsy is a great place to support the local Ukrainian economy right now, as the online marketplace company has dropped its fees for all Ukrainian sellers, studios, and artists.

Lavender Fabric Eggs from 510 Laundry

Handmade fabric Easter eggs have been hand-painted in the colors of Ukraine this year by vintage textile brand 510 Laundry. Purchasing a dozen of these will add a striking statement to your spring décor, while all proceeds will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society and the International Committee of the Red Cross to support emergency aid.