Fans of Buckminster Fuller might know him for his daring and dynamic geodesic dome designs – but did you know he was also a proponent of polyphasic sleep, taking just four thirty-minute naps a day for nearly two years? He really could have used one of these outfits.

Designed by Forrest Jessee for the bustling non-stop lifestyle of contemporary cosmopolitans, this urban sleep suit is a take-anywhere, nap-anytime ensemble made to be slept in on the spot. Who has time for wake-up and quiet-down rituals with only a few short sleep cycles a day?

The overlapping layers are engineered to be a combination of structurally supportive, flexible and comfortable, providing a sense of stable security as well as an all-around cozy sleeping environment. Other factors such as the need for regular air flow, temperature regulation and varying degrees of protection and comfort along different points of the body were also considered in the creation of this one-of-a-kind combination sleeping bag and clothing product.