Generally speaking, smoke alarms are not among the objects you want to show off in your home. But the Lento smoke alarm from Finnish design company Jalo Helsinki has been redesigned from the ground up. The utilitarian object has been recast as a far more attractive accessory that seems almost like a decoration rather than a life-saving device.

The most striking aspect of the redesign is the smoke detector’s shape. Gone is the standard nondescript box that is meant to blend into your ceiling. Instead, the Lento smoke alarm is shaped like a colorful fly on the wall. It can attach to a wall or a ceiling in seconds with mounting tape – no tools required.

But the new smoke alarm isn’t just playful and beautiful; it is also easier to use than the ones we are all used to. There is no teeny-tiny button to push in order to test the system, and there is no need to wave a towel in front of the unit to stop a false alarm. These functions are handled by simply pressing on the body of the smoke detector.

Is it possible to turn the usually-hidden smoke detector into an object of beauty? Will buyers choose to attach a stylish fly to their walls rather than sticking with the familiar (but nearly invisible) old design? In the opinion of Jalo Helsinki and the accomplished designers behind this unusual product, safety can be playful and beautiful – and we agree.