gpod dwell popup container cottage
Shipping container homes are less novel and more mainstream these days, but that doesn’t mean that we’re no longer enamored of new and fantastic designs. The Dwell from G-pod is a plucky little home that can triple its original size and uses every bit of interior space intelligently.

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The Dwell starts out conveniently folded up in classic shipping container size, making it easy to transport to your site. Once there, three of the container’s sides push out to create a much larger living area. This can be done manually or with an optional add-on hydraulic system. Start to finish, the setup takes approximately three hours. According to G-pod, it can all be handled by just one person.
The unit was specially designed to work either on-grid or off-grid; the latter will require add-ons for a composting toilet, solar panels, and rainwater collection. A rooftop garden lets you expand your sustainability by growing some of your own food right on top of your living space. The interior features LED lights, seating, a small barbecue, a queen bed, an office, and a small washing machine.
When in its folded-up form, the Dwell has an interior space of 12.5 square meters. After it’s expanded and fully assembled, the interior area becomes 18 square meters. The outdoor covered deck area adds another 16.8 square meters, making the overall total an impressive 34.8 square meters. Thanks to their portable nature, the Dwell units can be taken anywhere and can even be grouped together to make entire communities of small-space container homes. Given that their starting price is $49,000,there are definitely less expensive options out there, but few of them come as smartly appointed and easily assembled as the Dwell.