Save the Earth, plant a … package? Hidden in corrugated cardboard walls within an unassuming brown box is the seed of a new life – packaged with a built-in way to ‘pay’ for the environmental ‘cost’ of creating the box in the first place: the potential to grow replacement material for its own construction.

Upcycling usually refers to something made better through human intervention. Thus, the simplicity of planting this paper-based box in the ground makes this one of the easiest eco-friendly ways to upcycle ever invented – along the lines but taken a step further than plantable wedding favors or grow-your-own business cards.

This idea has elements of subversive seed bombing as well as the every-bit-counts attitude to environmentalists, boxed up inside what is already a universal mode of shipping (with environmentally-safe inks of course).

Consider the possibilities: endless tree, shrub, flower and even fungus species selected based on the region to which a gift is being shipped; entire gardens (or forests) built out of envelope and box waste we would be using up anyway. The growth potential is powerful, pun intended, and green product designers (prone to making entirely new products rather than adapting old ones) would do well to take note of this ingenious LifeBox idea (via Inhabitat).