shark fin inspired knife

Ever find yourself fishing through knife-infested waters while doing the dishes in the sink? Between suds and dirty water it can be hard to see sharp objects below the surface, and dangerous to dip and hand in to try and find them.

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shark knife floating handle
shark knife design

Hence this ingenious solution proposed by Kim Sangun, Kang Yujin, Jeong Eunjoo & JungJun Park designed to surface the handle end so you grab the right part and avoid cutting yourself.

Sharks are the most dangerous creatures in the ocean. Knives are also convenient kitchen tools yet they also require a high level of cautiousness. There is no doubt that both sharks and knives both factors which possess potential danger within water. In particular, a knife which as sunk down to the bottom of the sink is highly dangerous since it may not be distinguished from other kitchenware easily due to the bubbles formed from detergent. We used this similarity in order to design a knife which resembles a shark that floats up to the surface of the water.”

shark knife safety

The grip portion floats up thanks to a pocket of air in the back and, for good measure, a weighted thicker tip that helps keep the blade facing downward. The name and design is inspired by the fin of a shark, warning you of a dangerous creature below.

“In order to prevent the knife from floating in the opposite side, a small hole was created in the front. As a result, the center of gravity is directed towards the bottom of the car blade and the knife is prevented from floating in the wrong direction. Moreover, it would be very dangerous if the knife float sin the wrong direction since the blade would be facing upwards. There is an air bound space in the handle. Therefore, it can float up in the surface of the water. Through applying the fundamentals of floating which is applied for corks and by controlling the weight of the top and bottom sections, the knife is enabled to float.”