Hello there!

Yes, you saw it right: it’s a cat peering out of a “cave” in a table— a purpose-built cat table, in fact. CATable was designed in 2014 by designer and architect Ruan Hao for Hong Kong-based architectural firm LYCS. The table is the ideal arena for work and play—you work while the cat plays, and everybody’s happy.

Curiosity may have the added sting of potentially killing cats, but this time, by peering into, then entering, a perfectly shaped and engineered hole, your cat will find itself in an equally engineered tunnel in your table, which leads to another hole. With repeat action, they can go on all day long!

According to Ruan Hao, regarding CATable 1.0: “It is a table for us and a paradise for cats.”

So, just what is the greatest complement to a perfect bookshelf? A perfect table? Impressive, beautiful books? Fabulous flowers in objet d’art vases? Well, why not just add a cat?

There’s only one hole in the table’s surface, so like a rabbit out of a hat, your cat can pop up anytime. As long as your precious laptop, files and documents are arranged at the other side of CATable 1.0, peace will reign and a whole lot of feline fun can go on unimpeded.

This cat furniture is seemingly a bit wonky, a bit wobbly, but its crazy zig-zag legs are actually finely balanced, all in the name of style and cat appeal.

All work-at-home cat owners know it can be hard (and just a bit sad) to reluctantly (and repeatedly) relinquish your cat from your lap and settle down to work. CATable 1.0 gives your cat a little fun time while you work, but you still both get to keep each other company.

She’s going for it! After sizing up which entrance is most fit-for-purpose, your feline can spring up and play all day.

Could there be something in there? Kitty may prowl around in CATable 1.0 to her heart’s content, but you never know what she will find. Maybe this time there’ll be a playmate—or a mouse!

Exhibited at Milan Design Week 2014, CATtable 1.0 is still fascinating, both for cats and for their style-conscious owner, with the dilemma of a job to do and a cat to entertain. However, LYCS wasn’t done yet… CATable 2.0 was just around the corner!

Cat cubes galore can stack in interminable configurations to keep your cat occupied and entertained:

”Last year, we designed CATable 1.0 which provides us with a unique space to share with our kitties. This year, CATable 2.0 is no longer a proper-sized table. It consists of 4 pieces of cubic wooden module in exactly the same size. Each one has a particular path for you cat to stroll, and the “remainder” space can be used up to the cat lover’s own need: you can use them directly as stools, or stack them into tea tables, or even as book shelves. You are participating, designing your own furniture and creating a unique wonderland for your cat.” —LYCS, 2015

Sit on ’em, stack ’em up and use ’em as storage, or just score yourself a heap of cats and watch them have a ball (with not a ball of wool in sight)! CATable 2.0 is a worthy successor to CATable. The perfect investment for cat lovers—and at-home workers—everywhere.