customizable bandages

Adhesive bandages can be found in just about every home’s medicine cabinet, but how often do we have just the right type or size? A team of designers created a bandage with the transformative powers of an amoeba that adapts to suit your needs – as long as your injury happens to be on your hand.

amoeband customizable bandage

The AmoeBAND starts out as a rectangular bandage. It can be used as a rectangle to cover large, flat areas. Each bandage also features four strategic cutout sections that you can remove to customize the fit for specific injury locations. If you need to cover a fingertip injury, you remove the upper and lower wedges from the bandage. For a cut on a finger joint, remove the smaller cutouts on the left and right side of the bandage.

The AmoeBAND’s designers envision it being manufactured in a variety of colors to match almost any skin tone. The package will feature braille instructions to make the unique product accessible to a wide variety of users. The simple matchbox-like container even makes it simple to grab an AmoeBAND when you need one.


One of the product’s most intriguing features is its telltale first-aid cross. The cross detects the pH of the area directly beneath it, so if your wound begins to develop an infection you’ll know that it’s time to change your bandage right away.