It started with a single shack on a remote plot of rural farmland. This one-off project turned out to be the prototype for a larger-scale venture – a modular housing system celebrating the bare-bones simplicity loft living in a natural setting.

The award-winning Shack at Hinkle Farm was designed to be as basic as possible – it was ultimately built by friends of the family, not a professional construction crew.

In turn, The Crib evolved to be a flexible solution for similar site conditions with different elemental variables – the elevation, for instance, lending itself to flood-friendliness.

It is essentially a traditionally-made, wood-frame structure that sits up on stilts with walls on three sides and a glass-and-metal garage door facing down the hill, looking out over the landscape.

The evolved version, however, comes with a variety of optional additions, such as a first-floor brick facade, additional shading and fenestration options and so forth. A wood-burning stove, small kitchen, space to sleep and area to sit out on the deck make this a modest residence for full-time purposes but a great little vacation retreat.