Most women stick to makeup routines that make them look their best and keep their skin healthy and glowing. To boost their overall vitality, nutritional supplements are often incorporated into their lives, too. Unfortunately, these routines often fail to adapt to our daily activities, which can vary from spending a hectic day in the city to just vegging at home and taking a mental health day. If Seymourpowell’s AI model comes to fruition, however, everyone’s daily makeup supplies are about to get way more personalized.

Truly Personalized Skin Care

This groundbreaking concept, tentatively called Identité, would provide you with the all cosmetics you needed based on your diet, schedule, and upcoming travel destinations. AI would analyze the data you supplied via an accompanying smartphone app, picking out and shipping extremely personalized selections of beauty and skin care products to your door on a weekly basis.

The AI analysis is two-tiered. First, it creates a profile based on each user’s personal and business lifestyle, skin type, and environment. Next, it refines that profile based on user-supplied information regarding upcoming events.

Each weekly drop-off would consist entirely of eco-friendly, single-use products like strength-appropriate BB (blemish balm) cream and sunscreen. On top of that, these products would be chalk-full of omega-3 enhancements and anti-pollution antigens. By using only single-use modules, the company can put fewer preservatives in their products without worry.

How It Works

Seymourpowell has given the public three different scenarios to illustrate the Identité business model, the first of which involves a client set to vacation in Tulum, Mexico. Identité analyzes the hot, humid atmosphere and the typical activities of a beachfront getaway and, without human intervention, ships the customer sea salt hair gel, bronzer, aloe vera after-sun lotion, and, just for fun, some temporary tattoos.

When that person returns and schedules a business meeting in New York, Identité automatically shifts gears. It automatically ships them a long-lasting lipstick based on the client’s skin and hair tones, along with double-cleansing, charcoal-infused purification pads to clean away a day’s worth of urban grunge.

If a client is going to spend a weekend hiking or doing double-time at the gym, the Identité AI would probably prioritize supplements to boost energy and stamina.

Looking Forward

Although Identité is still an abstract concept, it’s based on actual research conducted through extensive interviews with beauty market experts and influencers around the world. These conversations revealed that consumers are relying on digital culture more than ever to research and purchase beauty products and health supplements. Besides websites, social media platforms like Reddit and Instagram seem to be popular sources for advice and information sharing.

In a recent interview, Seymourpowell director Mariel Brown explained that “There’s currently a lot of disruption within the beauty category and as a result, many nuanced and contradictory behaviors to unpack. Widespread connectivity is having a profound impact on people’s attitudes toward personal identity. We became curious as to how new technologies might combine with these new behaviors.”

Identité also concentrates on using more natural products and more unobjectionable packaging. Currently, the planned packaging is made of injection-molded, fully biodegradable fiber.