jumpfrompaper cartoon style fashion

With all the emphasis these days in three-dimensional designs and technologies, this series of shoulder bags humorously reverses course, making a physical object look flatly two-dimensional. These cartoon-inspired bags by Jump From Paper pull off a minor optical illusion. People will be surprised they aren’t really 2D!

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jumpfrompaper spaceman bag
jumpfrompaper turquoise bag model

Perhaps not the most formal accessory, these sure would be fun to walk down the street with – or stand still and see if you can trick someone into thinking you are part of a billboard or bus advertisement panel.

You can now buy these fun bags straight from the Jump From Paper store online, ranging from $60 small handbags to $118 shoulder bags.


“JumpFromPaper is an original product of imagination; it’s simple but unconventional. No matter what you wear, carrying a JumpFromPaper will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. It is an expressive and stylish product for each individual to show off her own unique style.”

“JumpFromPaper employs design as a medium to realize crazy imagination into realness. Designers Chay Su and Rika Lin, both commercial design majors, are full of crazy ideas and know how to appreciate fun. The pair was inspired to create a beautiful and stylish handbag. Once they started sketching, they soon realized the two-dimensional illustration they had created would be amazing if it could just come to life. What was once a dream soon became a reality when JumpFromPaper was born.”


“Life does not need to be that serious. People are born to have fun! JumpFromPaper’s unusual and funky exterior confuses and pleases people, and at the same time its interior encourages an outside-the-box, imagination-has-no-boundaries philosophy. It makes it possible for people to daydream and for their imagination to go wild. It is great to sometimes change the way of thinking, subvert the traditional logic and make life more fun and exciting. Life is too short to go around being boring all day.”