Cotton Sense and Sleep Pill Got sleep? Good sleep, that is? No? Then you might need the Sense by Hello “alarm clock” and sleep tracker. This device promises to wake you up “on the right side of the bed,” at the optimal time smack in the lightest phase of your natural sleep cycle, i.e. the ideal time for being roused from slumber – so you get up feeling totally refreshed.

Sense by Hello Smart Alarm

You set the time you want to be woken up just like with a regular alarm clock, but the tracker analyzes your circadian rhythm to find out the best time to wake you before. The best time is when your sleep is the lightest, up to 30 minutes before the time you set. Then you will be roused from slumber by one of 15 wake tones.

Cotton Sense in hand

Cotton and charcoal Sense in packaging

But it doesn’t end here. It also analyzes your sleep to improve it! The little spherical device sits by your bedside, while a small, clip-on, battery-operated “Sleep Pill” is stashed inside a pillowcase to collect data from your sleep environment including lighting, noise, air particulates, heat and humidity. It’s a learning system that gets “smarter” as you use it.

Timeline and Sense Sleep Tracker

Aside from being woken up gently, you get an analysis of your whole night of sleep along with sleep improvement suggestions via a mobile app that sources info from both devices. So the idea isn’t just to wake you at the ideal time in your natural rest cycle but to actually improve the quality of your Zzzs and thus your entire well-being. In fact, Hello is poised to devise additional ways to improve users’ lives. You need an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad running iOS 7 or later, or an Android running Jelly Bean 4.3 or beyond. You can share the Sense with a partner, but they require their own Sleep Pill.

Sense by Hello Smart Alarm

Sense by Hello Smart Alarm and Sleep Tracker

The tasteful, minimalist object comes in two colors, “brilliant Cotton” and “rich Charcoal.” Hello started as a Kickstarter and was available only via that campaign until recently, but they just signed a deal to sell it on Amazon. It was funded by James Proud in July 2012 and incorporated as Hello Inc. in August 2012. The price of a Sense plus Sleep Pill is $129. Learn more at