transparent horizontal dishwasher design

It is one of those great appliance mysteries: you shut the door, turn a knob or press a button, sounds start up and an hour later the dishes are done. But have you ever wanted to see what happens in between?

More than just adding a transparent front to the process, this see-through dishwasher design augments the viewing experience by elongating the interior of the washer area. Also, a moving washing unit allows you to dynamically view the process of dishes being cleaned.

Perhaps best of all, this is ultimately a multi-functional futuristic dishwasher design – the rack serves as full-time storage for the dishes and eliminates the steps of taking them out and putting them away once they are finished being washed.

futuristic see-through dishwasher

It’s an elegant solution to a perpetual problem, particularly for those of us who live in smaller spaces. Conventional dishwasher designs simply take up a lot of real estate in a compact kitchen, making this appliance one of the first to be nixed when designers and builders are trying to save space. But who wants to hand wash all of their dishes, all the time?

Making its debut at the University of Quebec in Montreal Design Grad Show, this transparent horizontal dishwasher concept feels like it traveled through time from the future to show us what’s possible. We can only hope manufacturers are paying attention, and will respond with similar designs available on a wide scale.

From MocoLoco:

“Reviewing everyday objects the designer duo of Marie-Christine Lacasse and Marie Claude Savard tackled rethinking how a dishwasher should work, as part of, and displayed in, the kitchen space. Combining the cabinets where you would usually store dishes, the idea is to simply drop the dirty dishes on the rack and the autonomous dishwasher fills up and does it’s thing – cleaning and washing, moving from one cabinet to the next.”