When you think of home security systems, your mind probably conjures up images of grids and sectors, keypads for entering codes, bleeps of warning as you come home and run in the door since you only have 30 seconds to turn off the alarm before squad cars arrive.

Helmet, iFamCare’s first family monitor, is a little less intimidating, and in fact, it combines elements of fun with its monitoring duties.


First, the serious stuff. Helmet can scan a room, and with full-coverage 360° pan and 70° tilt, you see exactly where you want. You can give access to the feed to unlimited family members, too, so everyone’s in the know. And speaking of family, no more yelling upstairs when dinner’s ready — the Helmet is also an intercom to save your voice… and everyone else’s ears.


If you have a baby, you can use the Helmet as a baby monitor, keeping a watchful eye and ear on your little one all night, thanks to its night vision and 1080p HD video.

Helmet also features a clever air-composition analyzer to warn you about smoke and even just let you know that it’s time to freshen the circulating air by opening a few windows. (A high-tech warning with a very low-tech solution.)

As for the extended family, seniors may feel the Helmet is an unobtrusive way to give them an extra layer of security and also peace of mind, as the motion and sound sensors can be used as an alert to summon help if they fall.


Another category of customer for this security gizmo is the small-business owner. Now they can keep a virtual eye on their office space around the clock, no matter where they are traveling for business. If an alert is issued, they can call for the situation to be investigated without delay.

“But you mentioned fun?” we hear you say. Why yes, yes we did. You can use Helmet to monitor your pets–and play with them! “Practice commands, take funny videos, or catch the little criminal in the act,” say the Helmet team. “Don’t let your pet get bored when you’re away, fire up Helmet’s laser and play chase with your pet.”


Yes, Helmet has a laser that you can control and move around via the Helmet app, enticing your cat, dog, rabbit or other playful creature to try to catch the light. The built-in laser pointer has three patterns to keep things interesting – straight line, circle or infinity. Or go old-school and use the manual pattern. Another cool twist: You can take photos or videos while you and Zippy are playing together!


Which leads us to another fun feature. You can send images from your video feed on the Helmet to friends on social media. (Just don’t get mixed up and post video of Grandma making dinner.)

The Helmet designers send you a wall mount in case you choose to install it that way, but it also perches happily on a shelf or counter. It has a wall adapter and runs off your home Wi-Fi, and stores the video and photos you take on a memory card.