secure desk design idea

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You know that feeling: the need to stand up and go somewhere coupled with the worry about leaving your laptop computer or other personal items at the table or desk where you are sitting. This clever industrial ‘Desk Guard’ design concept by Choi Minaa promises simple flip-down security while you are away from your work.

secure desk design overview

While it would be great for offices of course, the same design ideas could equally well be applied in all kinds of public places and private establishments where strangers congregate – from libraries to coffee shops and more. Aside from security, this designer desk serves the dual function of making it easy to spot open seating versus working spaces already in use – if the top is flipped up it is available, folded down means the desk is occupied.

secure desk design diagram

Keyed into a secure card, the top of the desk folds down to enclose everything on top within a secure internal envelope. Beyond computers, you could leave the rest of your things where they sit as well – instead of taking your wallet, keys and cell phone with you and wondering if something will happen to the rest of your belongings.