custom brass knuckles umbrella. weapon

Most people associate brass knuckles with the mob and other unsavory characters, or with more extreme forms of hand-to-hand weaponry. But what about wooden knuckles? Is that a thing?

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If it wasn’t before, it is now. This odd invention takes the look of classic brass knuckles and translates them into a hand carved wooden handle for an umbrella. It’s a highly unusual way to customize a common object, one that’ll likely get you stopped by security as you try to carry out your daily errands. And maybe with good reason. Could wood be anywhere near as destructive as metal in the wrong (or right, as it were) hands?

Whatever your opinion on the practicality, we can all agree, this is no dainty parasol.

custom brass knuckles umbrella handle

Dissatisfied with mass-production wood or metal umbrella handles, Tobiah Adam wanted to carve something a bit more suited to his specific grip (and easy to hold tight during even the worst wind and rain storm), using a stock aluminum-and-black body above.

custom brass knuckles umbrella

Cut from rich dark Rosewood, the knuckle-duster design was made to fit with a conventional umbrella stem – no sense in reinventing the portion that was already well-built (not to mention: difficult to engineer).

custom brass knuckles umbrella carvedx

Perhaps the weaponry association would, in fact, be deflated by this kind of mundane use. Brass knuckles remain banned in many countries as well as some states in the US, though works like this bypass the law if they are convincingly non-aggressive (such as ‘toy’ belt buckles).

“It’s rainy season again. and that means time for an umbrella. I was unhappy with the choices available so I decided I would customize my own with rosewood knuckles for a handle. The umbrella is a prototype. The final version will also have a leather strap for easy over the shoulder carrying.  For those lucky days when the sun comes out to play.”