The old joke goes: “When is a door not a door? When it is ajar” – but even more mysterious is when it is a wall as well. Swinging out in any direction on decorative metal hinges, this creative interior door design blurs the boundaries between entries and exits, panels and partitions, space dividers and structural architecture.

While it is not exactly hidden – the ornamental metal hinges and slightly different color give it away – this stylish concept is still quite subtle and incredibly flexible. It sits perfectly flush with the walls around it when fully closed, then swings open to the left or ride and into both rooms on either side of it – definitely not your simple one-way swing door.

As a residential wall system one could imagine many advantages to these swing-free doors. Beyond simple space-making potential, they could selectively be blocked off as needed when one rearranges a room layout. While they are not available for commercial sale, hopefully this door’s designer Lolly Lindeman cat at least use them to live a little more comfortably in her home – if not one day put these into mass-production.