Classic collides with contemporary and historic meets modern under the roof of one unbelievably cool townhouse property – part infill project, part retrofit, part adaptive reuse, this is a dream space filled with secret rooms for people who love cozy remodeled lofts and private luxury interiors all at the same time.

Looking at it from the outside, you’d never guess what this unassuming exterior holds. This unusual remodel project proves you should never judge a book by its cover.

Beneath peeling paint and crumbling red bricks on the front of this historic row-house facade lies an incredible residence, reinforced with stunning steel supports and remodeled inside and out with modern materials, furniture and fixtures.

Along the roof, a movable glass enclosure creates a pleasantly-ambiguous indoor-and-outdoor area that bridges the open gap in the (elongated and narrow) plan from front to back, resulting in something that works as an exterior garden or interior greenhouse.

New wood shelving stretches from wall to wall in the renovated structure, while industrial metal bookcases and staircases line the spaces and pierce from one room to the next.

Exposed wood beams and rafters, worn red brick and metal pipe railings manage to combine a sense of coziness and warmth with an overall mixed industrial, somewhat harsh and cold aesthetic.

The bedroom, bathroom and kitchen all contain a strange combination of old and new – raw and rustic furnishings and bare-bone fixtures alongside the latest appliances and clean contemporary additions to otherwise retro areas.

Photographed by Dujardin Filip, House 43 by the firm OWI / Office for Word and Image may be have one of the most impressive interiors ever created within an unassuming and humble townhouse shell – a series of rooms that mix old and new in ways that are both clever and classy, appealing to architecture lovers of all kinds.