Torafu hidden drawer disguised in shelf

Picture the process of thieves rummaging through your home. Would they find your stash of valuables taped to the bottom of a drawer or under a floorboard (film cliches), or would they be baffled by something in plain sight?

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Torafu shelf
Torafu sliding shelf drawer

Few would think to examine such a slender element as a floating shelf, and, even if they did, it has no handles or apparent hidden panels. In fact, you need a magnet to unlock its secrets, which themselves look innocuous and could be kept either on your key chain or in another nearby drawer.

Torafu hidden storage

A simple and elegant product of Torafu, this secret hidden shelf is a great mix of subtle and accessible, putting your valuables wherever you want to set the shelf, including just inside your door … but at the same time protecting them from all but the most ingenious of would-be robbers.

Torafu shelf locks

From the designers:

One open shelf protruding from the wall. With a thickness of 34 mm and a solid wood-like shelf, it is made up of delicate aluminum parts. By kneading the veneer into a thin structure, a space was created within the thickness of the shelf.”

“When you pull out the mouth with the key of the magnet, a secret drawer with an effective thickness of 23 mm appears, which is the minimum thickness for storing important things such as seals and passbooks. The hidden aluminum space emerges from the opening of the open shelves, changing the impression of the shelves.”

“* About inquiries:
Since this product was made as a plot type, it is not currently available as a product. However, we have received a lot of inquiries from both inside and outside Japan, and we are currently in the process of commercializing it. We will inform you on this page when it is finally commercialized.