Shirt Stays Multi-Tool
“Secure it, pop it, screw it, cut it, work it.” You better believe James Bond is wearing these, whether or not they announce it in the movies – how could Q not include them in his awesome arsenal of secret gadgetry?
Titanium Lightweight Multitool
Fashionable functions include: a cutting tool for stray strings (or other things), a bottle opener for the party-goer and, of course,  a screwdriver … because really, you never have one when you need it (especially on the go). For the well-dressed do-it-yourself type, these genius little inventions from Exuvius offer a handy alternative to pocket tools, which are particularly cumbersome to carry in suit pockets or dress pants.
The multi-tool collar stay kit from Exuvius is distributed in SERE (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape) kits around the world, comes in a pair and its made of 100% titanium. It fits alls spread, wide spread, close spread and semi-spread collars and contains a half-Phillips head screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, thread cutter, bottle opener and keychain hole for transport or carrying spares. It includes laser-etched Imperial and Metric measurement markers and weighs just .4 ounces.
Portable Toolkit

“Be well-dressed and prepared like a secret agent with Titan Multi-Tool Collar Stays. These featherweight titanium collar stays keep your collar looking sharp, and are virtually indestructible. Conveniently fix gadgets, eliminate loose threads, and open bottles at a moment’s notice. Feel confident that you’ll be suited to handle unexpected situations as they arise.”
“Exuvius is a small U.S. company based in Los Angeles, California. Through the initial collaboration between three friends, Exuvius began by making functional apparel for guys who pay attention to details. The goal was to enhance men’s apparel to enable the modern man to better do what needs to be done. This philosophy has carried on till today. Our products are sculpted with the idea that function fashions form. The feature set for Exuvius products is always a combination of the two. Our design philosophy is to create items that will enhance a person’s inherent strengths. Our products, like the people who use them, should do many things – and do many things well. After all, these products are essentially a natural extension of the Exuvius man.”