carpet to chair 1

Turn your living room floor rug into extra seating for guests in seconds with modular tiles that fold into chairs in seconds. The ‘Wobble-Up’ by Sam Linders consists of three-tile sections of mechanically-punched plastic embroidered with jersey yarn for padding and a splash of color.

carpet to chair 2 capet to chair 3

“I came up with this idea of the Wobble-up because at home I am always sitting in front of the couch on the floor instead of on the couch while I am watching TV. I really love to sit on the carpet. Next to this, the living spaces in the home are becoming smaller. This is why I came up with this idea to make a multi functional furniture piece that can be flat as a carpet and folded as a chair on the floor.”

carpet to chair 4 carpet to chair 5

The design is inspired by traditional embroidery fused with modern techniques, and also calls to mind cross-stitching on plastic canvases, making what once would have been hung on a wall into a functional element in the home. Strips of vivid red velcro can be used to attach the tiles in various ways, switching up the pattern.