carpet to chair floor tiles

Turn your living room floor rug into extra seating for guests in seconds with modular floor tiles that fold into chairs in seconds. The ‘Wobble-Up’ by Sam Linders consists of three-tile sections of mechanically-punched plastic embroidered with jersey yarn for padding and a splash of color.

carpet to chair floor tiles folding capet to chair  floor tiles modular

“I came up with this idea of the Wobble-up because at home I am always sitting in front of the couch on the floor instead of on the couch while I am watching TV. I really love to sit on the carpet. Next to this, the living spaces in the home are becoming smaller. This is why I came up with this idea to make a multi functional furniture piece that can be flat as a carpet and folded as a chair on the floor.”

carpet to chair 4 carpet to chair 5

The design is inspired by traditional embroidery fused with modern techniques, and also calls to mind cross-stitching on plastic canvases, making what once would have been hung on a wall into a functional element in the home. Strips of vivid red velcro can be used to attach the tiles in various ways, switching up the pattern.

“The ancient craft of traditional embroidery fused with the modern technique of mechanically punched plastic. By using blocks of color and highlighting the plastic grid the carpets are becoming fresh and playful. The carpet can be endlessly multiplied as mosaic tiles to make it possible for the consumer to play with pattern and color.”

About designer Sam Linders

“Sam Linders recently graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven, department Man and Identity.
During her study she did internships at Trend Union in Paris and at ECCO Leather in Dongen. At this moment she is working for both companies. Sam developed the Wobble-up and Soft blues project. ‘The love for material, shape and color is something that is always shown in my work. Creating new materials by and combining, mixing and using different techniques.’ Sam specializes in: material design , research and trend development – interior fashion design.”